Domestic Violence And Civil Protection Orders

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If you are a victim of domestic violence, your voice needs to be heard and you must be protected. Flip the coin and someone accused of domestic violence may be subjected to protective orders which require them to refrain from contacting or from being in the presence of the accuser or impacted minor children.

Protective orders may prohibit individuals from threatening the accuser, living in a shared home, taking possession of pets, maintaining custody of children and, they may require the surrender of firearms suspected to have been involved in the incident. Before orders of this type can become final for a period of at least a year, accused individuals must be afforded the opportunity to be heard in court.

These are the times when an experienced lawyer can help mount a vigorous and appropriate defense designed to prevent what can be truly devastating personal outcomes.

Furthermore, you should consider filing a protective order if you or your children are dealing with:




Physical or mental abuse

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